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Crown Allotment 172A

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part plan P3416-2 [north to right of image] part plan P3416-2 [north to right of image] Parish of Prahran, Lands Department, PROV

At the Crown Land Sale on 12 December 1855 James William Fawcett purchased Allotment 172A consisting of 5 acres & 12 perches [= 2.06 hectares] for £155.#1

Subdivision of Crown Allotment 172a in 1864Plan of Subdivision [North left of image]A plan of subdivision was prepared in ca. 1864 dividing the property into 10 villa sites.

The auctioneer J Howorth described the sites  thus: The choicest sites for villa residences in the highest part of the Alma Road, St Kilda, commanding the most picturesque view of the Bay and surrounding scenery to be found in Melbourne. It is known as Portion 172A, and adjoins on the high side the Hunt Club Kennel, and is close to the noble mansions of Ambrose Kyte, Esq. MLA, and the residences and properties of Messrs. McCulloch, Turnbull, Were, Michie, and Hellins, and is but a few minutes walk from the Chapel Street Railway Station. NB. This valuable position must be seen to be appreciated.#3

This was put to a public auction on 18 November 1864. However it appears that the bids did not reach the owner's reserve so none were sold.#2

Sometime later the whole allotment was sold to Frederick Christian Lange of Lange & Thoneman who lived nearby in Inkerman Street. In 1870 Lange employed Lloyd Taylor architect to design a new house which he called Herford.#3

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No.ReferenceDescription or note
 1. Argus 1855.12.13 p.4

Government land Sale

Prahran, upset price £2 10s. per acre. Lot 13 - 5a. 0r. 12p. James William Fawcett, £31 per acre.

 2. Argus 1864.11.12 p.2

Sale by Auction,

Important sale of villa allotments. J. Howorth is favoured with instructions form James W. Fawcett Esq. to Submit to public competition, at Lloyd's Rooms, on Friday, November 18, at two o'clock. Lots 1-10.

 3. Argus 1870.10.20 p.3


Tenders invited for the erection of a villa residence in Alma Road, East St Kilda for F. C. Lange Esq. Lloyd Tayler Architect.82 Collins-street west

 4. Argus 1888.03.03 p.15

Sale by Auction

[Outlines a description of Herford stating 'the whole of these improvements are on Crown Portion 172A'.]

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