Crown Allotment 172B

part plan P3416-2 [North to right of image] part plan P3416-2 [North to right of image] Parish of Prahran, Lands Department, PROV
Grantee: James Gill
Date of purchase: 1853.10.07
Date of 1st sale: 1870
Date of subdivision: ca.1870-1872, part to Thomas A'Beckett, remainder to E. D. Holroyd.

It is likely that a plan of subdivision was prepared that had a similar layout to that which was proposed for Allotment 172A. In the 1873, from John Vardy's plan 8NW, we see that two of these subdivided lots were in the ownership of Thomas A'Beckett on which his house Crest Hill stood. The remainder of the land had been amalgamated into the garden of Fernacres next door, owned by Edward D. Holroyd.

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1. Argus 1853.10.06 p.8

Government Land Sales

At eleven o'clock Friday, 7 October, the following suburban and country lands will be offered for sale by public auction, at the Auction Rooms of Messrs. W. M. Tenant and Co.'s.

Suburban Lots. Prahran, between St Kilda and Brighton. Upset price £2 per acre. Lot 9, 5 acres 12 perches, portion 172b.

2. Argus 1870.01.13 p.3

Sales by Auction

This day at twelve o'clock. Finest building block on Alma Road. Original Government Allotment 172B, Prahran. …

This beautifully elevated building site, being Allotment 172B, and containing 5 acres and 12 perches, securely fenced, of the finest land, for one or two villas, that can now be had in the choicest part of that favourite locality–Alma road.

This choice piece of land is in the immediate neighbourhood of the villa residences of Messrs. Holroyd, Degraves, A'Beckett, Couche and Brahe …

3. Argus 1870.02.28 p.4

Commercial Intelligence

Messrs Gemmell, Tuckett, and Co. report the following sales:- …allotment 172b, Prahran, comprising 5 acres and 12 perches, for £500.

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