Acland Street

Acland Street

Named after Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 10th Baronet (29 March 1787 – 22 July 1871) of Killerton Manor in Devon who was a British politician and land owner. He was the owner of the cruiser yacht Lady of St KIlda from 1834 to1840, after which the area was named during one of the ship's visits to Melbourne in 1842. The yacht was named after his wife Lydia Hoare who was the first English lady to set foot on Atlantic St Kilda in 1812.

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Other Names none Date Built 1867 or prior Architect unknown Builder unknown Owners [-1867-] John Franklin McMullen, inspector and general manager of the Union Bank [-1882-1887] Francis Patrick Hines (1826?-1891), grazier [1887-] Daniel Whittle Harvey Patterson (1848-1931), grazier, mining investor…
Other Names none Date Built 1870 Architect Alfred Kursteiner (1829?-1897) Owners [-1870-1902] Moritz Michaelis (1820-1902) partner in Michaelis Hallenstein & Co. tanners History This site was subdivided off from Crown Allotment 9, purchased by Dr Thomas Black at the first…
Other Names Waratah Guest House Date Built 1870 or prior Architect Richard Schlesinger Owners [-1870-] Richard Schlesinger, architect, investor, company manger, pastoralist [-1887] George Paterson Wilson (1840?-1923), station manager, pastoralist History Site was subdivided from Crown Allotment 5, purchased by…
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Other Names None Date Built 1877 ca. Architect Unknown Owners [-1878-] Nairne Guthrie Elder (1847?-1911) [188?-] Michael C Jacobs History Part MMBW detail plan 1375, SLV Maps

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