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Apsley House (Extant) 16 Acland Street

View of north elevation 2013 View of north elevation 2013 photo by Peter Johnson
Other Names Acland Flats (1930s)
Date Built 1840s
Architect Unknown
Builder Unknown
Owner/s The original land owner for this area was D Ogilvie (most likely David Ogilvy, solicitor). Owner information could not be found for the time between D Ogilvie’s ownership and the girls’ school.
Description Located on the corner of Acland Street and St Leonards Avenue. The modern address is 16-22 Acland Street, and the area was divided up into four houses on the relevant Vardy map. It is believed that the original 1840s house is still there underneath the existing 1920s exterior.
History This property was listed as a boarding house in 1855, then as a girls’ school from 1856 to 1858. It was then called Acland Flats in the 1930s.
Occupants Unknown
MMDB Entry 5771 

Compiled by: Sally Moore and Liz Kelly
Last updated: 10.08.20 

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Located on the south east corner of Acland street and St Leonards Avenue. It is considered to be the oldest building (foundations at least) in st Kilda.