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Linden (Extant) 26 Acland Street

Home of Moritz Michaelis 1872 Home of Moritz Michaelis 1872 Donald MacDonald, SLV Pictures

  • Date Built: 1870
  • Demolished: Extant
  • First European Land Owner:


    This site was subdivided off from Crown Allotment 9, purchased by Dr Thomas Black at the first St Kilda Crown Land sale on 1842.12.7. It was further subdivided into 9 allotments by a later owner William Hoffman and offered for auction on 1865.12.1. By 1870 these 9 sites had been purchased by Moritz Michaelis who commissioned Alfred Kursteiner to design him a new house. It is reputed that William Guilfoyle was asked to design the extensive garden surrounding the house.To come

  • Owners and occupiers:

    The house remained in the Michaelis family for the next 87 years. In 1957 it was finally sold to Mr & Mrs Witty who converted it into a private hotel called Linden Court and then sold the gardens sold off for flat development. The building continued to trade as a private hotel/rooming house until eventually in 1983 it was purchased by the City of St Kilda. Since 1984 the building has been used as a Council funded art gallery.

    For a more extended history see Richard Peterson, A Place of Sensuous Resort, chapter 8

  • Architects:

    Source Summary [or note] 1. Argus 1865.12.1 p.2 Sales by Auction
    This day, public notice that the sale of that very enviable square of central village building land , adjoining the residence of Hon. B. Williams MLC situate at the corner of Acland and Robe streets and opposite the property T. Jackson. [despcription of the 9 sites follow].

    2. Argus 1870.5.16 p.3 Tenders Mr Kursteiner, architect, Neave's Buildings, requires tenders for erecting villa residence, corner Acland and Robe streets, St Kilda.To come

  • Description:

    To come

  • Sources:

    Obituaries Australia Entry http://oa.anu.edu.au/obituary/michaelis-moritz-4194

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  • Compiled by: To come

Linden is now owned by the City of Port Phillip and used as an Art Gallery.