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Charnwood, 22-44 Alma Road

View west front ca 1860-1879 View west front ca 1860-1879 photo by Donald MacDonald, SLV image# H87.91/10
Other Names none
Date Built 1851
Architect Samuel Jackson 
1st Occupant Octavius Browne, principal of Octavius Browne & Co shipping agents
Description Large two story house in the Renaissance Revival style
Other Occupants Matthew Hervey MLC, Edward Fanning, David Moore


  Source Summary or [Note]
1. Melbourne Herald 1851.5.22 p.2

[Samuel Jackson invites tenders for residence & coach-house for Octavius Browne]

2. Argus 1854.4.6 p.4 The fine mansion lately built by Mr. O Browne at St Kilda, has just been sold, with 13 acres encircling it, for the sum of £30,000. Matthew Hervey, MLC is the purchaser
3. Argus 1854.8.14 p.7 Preliminary Notice [for sale of subdivision of house and allotments along High Street]
4. Argus 1866.8.28 p.2 Sale by Auction Monday September 2, Charnwood house standing on 13 acres of land [extensive description follows]