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Waitara (extant) 19 Hotham Street

Waitara Flats, Hotham Street view May 2017 Waitara Flats, Hotham Street view May 2017 by Peter Johnson

  • Date Built: 1854
  • Demolished: extant
  • Builder:



  • First European Land Owner:


    1857 (date of publication) Prahran Parish Maps including Crown allotments of St Kilda. " Waitara' in ownership of  T Fulton Mackinnon and F Sargood https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/parish

    1855 Kearney Map 4 https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/kearney-1

    1873 J Vardy Maps St Kilda St Kilda Historical Society database Maps North Ward (NW) sheet 3 N 20 and 21 ownership AS Michie https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/vardy-plans


  • Owners and occupiers:

    "Waitara’ was the residence of Archibald Michie who was an English-born lawyer, journalist, and politician. He and his wife arrived in 1940 in Sydney. After a brief return to England they returned to Austrialia; this time to Melbourne drawn by the gold rush. With the exorbident rents being charged, Archibald brought a substantial parcel of land in Alma Road and built 'Waitara' - described as a beautiful and quaint old homestead. At that time the area was dense bush where he was on one occassion 'lost' after visiting a neighbour. He and his wife had a family of 9 children. After her husband's death his wife continued to live in a neighbouring house they owned  ( either 'Tregarie' or possibly ' Farney') with her daughter and son.

    Archibald was elected to the Victorian Legislative Assembly in 1857, he twice held the position of Attorney-General. Michie became Victoria’s first Q.C. in 1863 and a decade later was appointed as Victoria’s Agent-General in London. He was knighted in 1878.He was a noted wit and orator who was highly regarded for his committment to democratic principles.


  • Architects:

    1854 C H Ohlfsen Bagge (1824c-1908) - 1854 main house 1. Argus 1854.8.31 p.3 Tenders required for erecting a brick dwelling-house for Archibald Michie, Esq., at St Kilda. For plans, etc., apply to Ohlfsen Bagge, architect, 48 Collins-street east.

    1860 Thomas Taylor - 1860 alterations & additions. Argus 1860.1.21 p.7  Tenders:  Thomas Taylor architect (late of Webb and Taylor) invites tenders for several works required to be done in erecting additions and making alterations to the residence of Archibald Michie, Esq., MLA, Alma Road, St Kilda. Plans & specifications to be seen at the offices of the architect, 18 Collins Street East.

    1869 Crouch & Wilson - 1869 additions  Argus 1869.7.20 p.3 Tenders: Crouch & Wilson, architects, invite tenders for additions to residence, Alma Road, for Archibald Michie, Esq. Drawings, etc. at their office, 49 Elizabeth Stree




  • Description:

    To come

  • Sources:

    Information on Sir Archibald Michie  http://oa.anu.edu.au/obituary/michie-sir-archibald-4196

    Information on Sir Archibald Michie buiried in the St Kilda Cemetery and idenrified as having died in  'Tregarie' http://foskc.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/FOSKC-Newsletter-July-2016.pdf

    Information on architects - Peter Johnson

    Iinformation on area in general David Helms https://www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/media/ahpfuuxy/12-1-att-5.pdf


  • Compiled by: Peter Johnson 2017
  • Last updated: Saturday, 18 September 2021

Former entrance was from Alma Road but now Hotham Street.Waitara Flats in really bad condition and extensively altered