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Charnwood House (demolished) 22-24 Alma Road

The Residence of the Hon. David Moore, J.P. The Residence of the Hon. David Moore, J.P. McDonald, Donald (Photographer), H87.91/10.
Other Names  
Date Built  1851
Architect  Samuel Jackson
Owners  Octavius Browne; Matthew Hervey; David Moore
Description  Built in the Renaissance Revival style and located in one of the highest positions in St Kilda.
History  Built as a residence for Octavius Browne. After later being sold to Matthew Hervey, pastoralist in 1854, the property was used as a temporary residence for John Manners-Sutton, governor. David Moore, merchant and politician later also owned this property. It was demolished in 1963.
Occupants  John Manners-Sutton
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Compiled by: Sally Moore
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  • Date Built: 1851
  • Builder:


  • First European Land Owner:

    Octavius Browne Principal of Octavius Browne & Co Shipping agends

    Meanwhile Octavius's family was expanding fast. Adelaide and Fanny Sophia Browne were  born in 1847 and 1849 respectively, followed by William Moxon in 18504, Edward Pohlman in 1852, and Gerald Brunet in 1854. All had distinguished local god-parents, as befitting Octavius's new status in the community. These included the State Governor, Charles La Trobe, the Bishop of Melbourne, Charles Perry, and a senior Judge, Edward Pohlman5 No doubt to accommodate this increase in numbers, Octavius moved his family into larger accommodation, at Brighton, some 6 miles from Melbourne, while a magnificent house, known as Charnwood, was being built for him on elevated land at St Kilda, in what was then on the outskirts of the city. This imposing house, with a tower and classical colonnade and many acres of surrounding land, was designed by the Melbourne architect Samuel Jackson.
    the construction work in May 18511. Workwas completed at some time in 1852 or 1853,but Octavius and his family never lived in thehouse. By 1854, Octavius was feeling theeffects of over-work on his health, and wasconcerned about the education of his children.Without much evident hesitation, he made thedecision to return to England, making overhis Melbourne business to his recently arrivedyounger brother, Edward Decimus, and to hisclerk Edward Noyes2.In June 1854 the house at St Kilda’s wassold to a wealthy early colonist, MatthewHersey, for £30,000 (about £3m in today’smoney). Although Octavius never made thishouse his home, the fact that he was able tocommission its construction within just 5years of his arrival in Australia, shows howswift his rise to substantial wealth had been3.Just before leaving Australia,
    Extracted from book on Occtavius Browne of which the SKHS has Chapter 2.
  • Owners and occupiers:

    Other Occupants include Matthew Hervey MLC. Edward Fanning. David Moore

  • Architects:

    Samuel Jackson Architectural style Renaissance Revival

  • Description:

    To come

  • History:

    Melbourne Herald 1851.5.22 p.2 [Samuel Jackson invites tenders for residence & coach-house for Octavius Browne] 2. Argus 1854.4.6 p.4 The fine mansion lately built by Mr. O Browne at St Kilda, has just been sold, with 13 acres encircling it, for the sum of £30,000. Matthew Hervey, MLC is the purchaser 3. Argus 1854.8.14 p.7 Preliminary Notice [for sale of subdivision of house and allotments along High Street] 4. Argus 1866.8.28 p.2 Sale by Auction Monday September 2, Charnwood house standing on 13 acres of land [extensive description follows]

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Charnwood house part of very large estate east of High Street.Original entry from High Street At Kilda. First identification Kearney Map 1855 SLV Vardy Map 1877 NW1 Wellington -barkly-Alma-Crimea SKHS collection