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154 (Demolished) 156 and 158 Alma Road (Extant) Michie Estate

Tregarie Tregarie Real Estate Promotional material

  • Date Built: 1885-1890 Exact date unk.
  • Demolished: 158 and 156 Extant 154 Demolished
  • Builder:



  • First European Land Owner:


    1857 (date of publication) Prahran Parish Maps including Crown allotments of St Kilda. " Waitara' in ownership of  T Fulton Mackinnon and F Sargood https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/parish - Allottments only houses not on this Map.

    1855 Kearney Map 4 Ownership  A Michie  https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/kearney-1  Houses not on this Map

    1873 J Vardy Maps St Kilda St Kilda Historical Society database Maps North Ward (NW) sheet 3 N 20 and 21 ownership AS Michie https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/vardy-plans

    Houses not on this Map


  • Owners and occupiers:

    154 Alma – Built 1885-1890. At time of A Michie's death it was rented to R G Mountain. Later called ‘Highfield’.(Source S&M) LK

    156 Alma – Built 1885-1890. At time of A Mcihie's death it was rented to Mrs Howden. In 1900 it was called ‘Boorara’.(Source S&M) LK

    158 Alma – Built 1885-1890. At time of A Michie's death it was rented to Mrs Learmonth, mother of Mrs Driffield at 148. When the Learmonths lived there it was called ‘Linden’.(Source S&M)

    1899 5 May, p 27. For auction, majestic 16 rm mansion, 158 Alma Rd, East St Kilda, 6 bedr, grand dining rm &c, 1,014 sq m site. Age, 5 June 1999, p G1: 12 rms, including 6 upstairs bedrooms. S&M 1889 vacant [1st listing].

    Also: Ownership register from MMDB (Melbourne Mansions Database for 158 Alma Road: TS Note (sic): The easternmost of 3 vacant houses first listed in S&M 1889. S&M 1890, 1891, 1892 Lewellin, Dr Augustus, Alma Rd [nw cnr Hotham St] S&M 1893, 1895 McFarlane, C J, 158 Alma Rd [nw cnr Hotham St] S&M 1900 Learmonth, Mrs G, 158 Alma Rd [nw cnr Hotham St] S&M 1905 Michie, Lady, 158 Alma Rd [nw cnr Hotham St]

  • Architects:


  • Description:

    To come

  • Sources:

    Information on Sir Archibald Michie  http://oa.anu.edu.au/obituary/michie-sir-archibald-4196

    Information on Sir Archibald Michie buiried in the St Kilda Cemetery and idenrified as having died in  'Tregarie' however the house is wrongly identified as 158 Alma Road. http://foskc.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/FOSKC-Newsletter-July-2016.pdf

    Information on architects - Peter Johnson

    Iinformation on area in general David Helms https://www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/media/ahpfuuxy/12-1-att-5.pdf


  • Compiled by: Peter Johnson 2017
  • Last updated: Saturday, 18 September 2021

Located on corner of Hotham and Alma Road. Entry from Hotham Street. Hidden with shubbery to the front.