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Westphalia (demolished) 182-190 Alma Road

View in ca.1873 View in ca.1873 Photographer unknown, image SK0441, Heritage Collection, City of Port Phillip


Outline of house, later known as Trecaere, MMBW detail plan 1410, dated June 1900
Maps Collection, State Library of Victoria 

Other Names Treceare
Date Built 1870
Architect Leonard Terry
Builder Unknown
Owners William Alexander Brahe; Sir Archibald Michie
Description Built on an eight-acre block, and featured a drawing room, bay window and ballroom.
History Built for William Alexander Brahe, solicitor and founder of the legal practice now known as Garland Hawthorn Brahe. Brahe was also the Prussian Consul until 1871 and the Imperial German Consul until around 1900. Brahe lived there until 1876, and then Sir Archibald Michie, barrister and politician, bought the place and lived there until he died. Michie renamed the building Treceare. The part of the block fronting Alma Road was eventually sold off in the early 1900s and the address of the house became 24 Lansdowne Road. It was demolished in the 1970s to make room for a block of flats.
Occupants William Alexander Brahe; Sir Archibald Michie
MMDB Entry 1005 
Obituaries Australia Entry http://oa.anu.edu.au/obituary/michie-sir-archibald-4196

Reference/s: St Kilda Historical Society. (2018, April). St Kilda's Lost Mansions: Westphalia Villa (Treceare) 182-190 Alma Road, St Kilda East. St Kilda Times, (224), 2 - 3. Retrieved from https://stkildahistory.org.au/news-and-events/newsletters

Compiled by: Peter Johnson; Sally Moore
Last updated: 17.09.20

  • Date Built: To come
  • First European Land Owner:

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  • Owners and occupiers:

    1895 - 1899 Archibald Michie and his wife Lady Michie lived here until his death at the age of 85 in 1899. He was buried at the St Kilda Cemetery . Also living with him were his son William Michie and daughter-in law. Following his death the family moved to 158 Alma Road ..  http://oa.anu.edu.au/obituary/michie-sir-archibald-4196

  • Architects:

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  • Description:

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Previously stnading on hill subsequently entry from Murchison Street and Landdown Road