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Fernacres (demolished) 215-217 Alma Road No image

Other names: none
Date built 1863
Demolished: ca. 1917
Architect: Lloyd Tayler (1830-1900)
Builder: not known
Cost: not known
Owners:  Sir Edward Dundas Holroyd (1828-1916) & Lady Holroyd (d.1917)
Subdivision: 1915.09.11 - southern section, 1917.09.01 - northern section
MMDB Entry: 3343

James McCulloch purchased Crown Allotment 178A at the Government Land Sale 21 December 1857. The property probably changed hands shortly before the architect Lloyd Tayler (1830-1900) advertised the tender notice for the construction of a new villa in 1863. This house was called Fernacres and was designed in the Cottage orné style. Three years later the property was bought by the barrister and later Supreme Court judge, Sir Edward Dundas Holroyd (1828-1916). Over the next 50 years of Holyroyd’s ownership the estate grew from 5 acres to about 24. In September 1915 the southern section, fronting onto Inkerman Street was subdivided and sold for building sites. Following Holroyd’s death the remainder of the estate was subdivided. The house was probably demolished at this time.

part MMBW detail plan 1418, dated March 1901part MMBW detail plan 1418, dated March 1901


  Source Description or [note]
1. Argus 1857.12.22 p.4

Crown Land Sale

The Melbourne monthly series of Government land sales were resumed yesterday at Messrs. W. M. Tenant and Co.'s rooms. The attendance was by no means numerous. ...
Suburban Lots, Prahran County of Bourke, Parish of Prahran. Fronting Alma road, lot 3, 5 acres and 12 perches, £90 per acre, James McCulloch

2. Argus 1863.07.25 p.3


Tenders are invited until August 5, inclusive for the erection of a villa in the Alma road east, St Kilda. Lloyd Tayler, architect.

3. Argus 1866.03.14 p.2

Sales by Auction

Thursday, March 22. That newly-built Villa-orné residence known as Fernacres, previous to the Proprietor's departure for Europe. [description follows]

4. Argus 1876.11.21 p.2

 Sales by Auction

Tuesday December 5 at eleven o'clock, extensive sale of household furniture and effects. … instructions from E. D. Holroyd to sell at his residence , Fernaces … [description of items follow]

5. Argus 1915.09.12 p.3

Sales by Auction

This day at three o'clock in a Marquee on the Ground. Fernacres Estate, Subdivision auction of 17 villa lots.

6. Argus 1917.03.31 p.2

Sales by Auction

Wednesday, April 25 at half-past two o'clock. In the estate of the Late Sir Edward Holroyd, that magnificent property 'Fernacres' having an area of 13 acres 2 roods 12½ perches. [description follows]

7. Argus 1917.09.01 p.16

Sales by Auction

Auction this day at 2.45 0'clock, on the ground. Fernacres Estate, East St Kilda. 78 Magnificent allotments.

8. Argus 1918.01.16 p.3

Land for Sale

St Kilda. We have some of the finest building or investment sites that is possible to get south of the Yarra, situated in the famous Fernacres Estate … Easy terms, from £10 deposit … Sole and only agent, Prahran Hodges.

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Fernacres demolishe. No image