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Ingleton (demolished) 131-133 Alma Rd

131-133 Alma Road Ingleton 131-133 Alma Road Ingleton Clyde School : A Uncommon History Melanie Guile
Date Built Before 1897
MMDB Entry 3879 


Melbourne Mansions Database, Miles Lewis.ID:3879  

Compiled by: Sally Moore
Last updated: 26.09.20

  • Date Built: 1858
  • First European Land Owner:

    John Hatchell Brown

  • Owners and occupiers:
    Liz Kelly provided the following is a response to an inquiry from one of our members:
    In September 1858 John Hatchell Brown was offering building sites for sale in Alma Road where he owned a house called 'Eblana Cottage'. J H Brown died at his home in Octorber 1870.
    The next owner was Thomas Gaunt who may have called the house 'Ingleton'.
    In the 1880's Charles Ernest Clarke and family lived at Ingleton. He was a stockbroker but in 1892 he was arrested for a massive bank fraud. His stockbroking partner in crime was George Nicholson Taylor. Taylor received an eight year prison sentence while Clarke was sentenced to four years hard labour but was released from Geelong Gaol in three. Clarke died in 1896. .George Nicholson Taylor was suspect in many ways. In the 1890s, his wife, Jessie aquired the copyright to the ‘Mystery of a Hanson Cab’. Fergus Hume sold the copyright for only 50 pounds, following which the story became hugely popular.
    The 1893 -1898 St Kilda rate books show the  Cork-born Irishman, Jacob Goldstein paid rates from about 1893 to 1898 whilst the house was still in the ownership of the trustees of the Clarke Estate. The Goldstein sisters lived in and operated their school at 133 Alma, later moving to 19 Hotham Street (now 24 Johnson Street, where they rented from Mary Bage of the Bage family which owned many properties in the Fulton-Hotham Street area.)
    1898 Rate notices indicate the Ingleton owner was Jonathon Shaw. 
    From February 1894, John Hachell Brown's daughter, Susan Hatchell Brown took over when Ingleton reverted to use as a school along with Fairelight and Deuba, eventually becoming Clyde School operating in Woodend and finally merging with Geelong Grammar. Susan Hatchell Brown was involved with the Priory and Oberwyl schools. Her mother grew up at a place called The Priory in Dublin.
  • Architects:

    To come

  • Description:

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  • Compiled by: To come

131 Alma Road previous address now demolished.(Oppliste Faireleigh( Extant) and Deuba (demolished)