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Aymestry Ballyreen Cliveden (demolished) 221 Brighton Road

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  • Date Built: 1854
  • First European Land Owner:


    1857 Crown Land Allotments land ownership for lot 125 C J Nankervill https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/parish

    1873 J Vardy Maps South Ward  page 17 SKHS: Ownership of allotments 6 and 7 ownership of P Russell. Map indicates a substantial E shaped brick building on allottment 7. Allottment 6  south of Scott Street is vacant.https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/vardy-plans

    By the time of the MMBW (map 1403) indicates the insertion of 2 new streets (Kendall and Coleridge). The original house prevously on Allottment 7 appears to have been reduced in size to two wings entering from Kendall Street. Allottment 6 adjoining Scott Street has been subdivided.

  • Owners and occupiers:

    1853-54 The house was built by/for Thomas James Nankivell, a Melbourne merchant and partner of trading firm Griffiths Fanning Co. Nankivell called the house 'Chiverton' as did the next owner, wealthy pastoralist Phillip Russell MLC who acquired it about 1867. The entire property was bounded by Brighton-Scott-Tennyson-Burns Streets and was 10 acres although later sales ads say it was 12 or 13 or 16 acres. According to rate books and sales notices the house had anything from 8 to 18 rooms.

    1875 March Phillip Russell sold the house for 5100 pounds to Monckton Synnot who called it 'Ballyreen'. When Synnot died in 1879 the family immediately attempted to sell the entire property but were unsuccessful.

    1885 November property readvertised the house together with 85 villa allotments of which 21 allotments were sold - the whole subdivision was known as Synnot Park Estate. Ballyreen (which Monckton Synnot junior also called 'Synnot Park') and remaining 60 or so blocks were sold in 1886, with William Bowen, chemist and former Prahran mayor buying the house which he called 'Aymestry', now located at 7 Kendall Street backing onto Colderidge. It comprised only two acres, since Scott and Burns Streets had been sold off. (There is a notation on the subdivision advertisement that the house sold for 2100 pounds to Elder? Elder Smith?)

    1886-1908 Bowen initially lived at the property but may have subsequently leased it out until his death in 1908, when the house, now known as 'Con'Amore' was acquired by Maurice and Annie Josephson.

    Subesquently identified by Liz Kelly:I believe you wrote the book 'Maverick Litigants'. In the very entertaining chapter on Edna Davis, the man who gave her away at her 1938 marriage to John Isaacs was Dr William Maloney. William Maloney and his family lived with the Josephsons at Con'Amore 7 Kendall Street from about 1915 until 1920 when Mrs Josephson died. Annie Josephson, the owner of the house, died intestate b

    In 1923 someone sold all their furniture from 'Alverstone' in Kendall St. The house must have been demolished prior to 1925 and replaced with Californian bungalows.

    There is a 1905 map of the house and surrounding streets at the State Library. If you search - mmbw 1403 - the map will appear.

    ut her probate documents indicate that Maloney was probably the half owner of the house and he purchased her remaining half from her estate for 1500 pounds.

  • Architects:

    Terry Leonard (query MMDB)

  • Description:

    To come

  • Sources:

    TS Note: Land on which on which this house stood shown in the name of T J Nankivell on CA sales. Later auction notice (see below) implies house originally owned by T J Nankivell. | Electoral Roll, 1856-1857. Nankeville [sic], T J, Elsternwick [own/occ] | Argus, 5 Dec 1857, p 4. Son born 4 Dec to the wife of T J Nankivell at Chiverton, St Kilda. | S&M 1863 Nankivell, T J (Fanning, Nankivell & Co), 'Chiverton', St Kilda. | TS Note: Leonard Terry is architect for store for Fanning, Nankivell & Co in Spencer St in Nov 1863. | PR to George Russell, Chiverton 20 Sep 1867 [Brown, Clyde Co Papers, VII, p 282] . | Mrs Philip Russell, to Miss Janet Russell, Chiverton,. St Kilda, 11 Sep 1868 [ibid p 315] - sounds as if Mrs PR is living there on a continuous basis. | PR to his sons, 30 June 1869 [ibid p 345] - wife died, autobiographical - they returned from a visit to Scotland in 1863 and lived at Carngham until 1866 when they moved to Chiverton 'for your education'. | [Ibid, p 444], John Walter Cross to Mrs William Cross, 13 Apr 1872 - Philip Russell said to live beyond Robert Sellar at [Tennyson St] St Kilda. | [Ibid, p 445] PLB note apparently from S&M 1871-2, - Hon Philip Russell, MLC, High St, St Kilda. | [Ibid, p 468] William Lewis to George Russell [his uncle], 14 July 1873 - '... one night at Chiverton we had Mr & Mrs Robert, Mr & Mrs John, Mr & Mrs Colin Simson, Richard Blackwood & his wife. They made a pleasant party.' | Raggatt, St Kilda, annotated 1873 Vardy plan, 17 S W, lot 7 as being P Russell. | Argus, 24 Oct 1874, p 3. Auction notice - Chiverton-house, the elegant mansion of Hon Philip Russell MLC with frontages to Brighton Rd, | | CONTINUED 2/. 
    Illustrations 1875 drawing held by Dorothy Ritchie of Sunbury, probably a different house - see Sources. | NGA photo [not sighted] ID No 84.2907.36, 'Residence of Russell Esq., near Melbourne c 1867' by Charles Nettleton

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