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Maringa (Extant) 24 Dalgety Street

Maringa 24 Dalgety Street Boarding House Maringa 24 Dalgety Street Boarding House SKHS 1970C slides (one of)

  • Date Built: Unk
  • Demolished: Extant
  • Builder:


  • First European Land Owner:

    See MM Database Record no 162 - Record updated 10/5/95 Check 1875 F P Hines property called Asgard in 1878. House of MCMullen in 1893. Real Estate  Trsl REdysyr Sf 

    Raggatt, 'St Kilda' 1978 photo. Nameplate 'Maringa' looks Edwardian but house looks possible 1870s. Single storey with half basement with broad polygonal bay, three flamboyant sets of coupled chimney pots. | Herald Sun RealEstate, 28 March 1998, pp 1,3. Converted into apartments. Exterior & interior photos.

    SKHS pg 3  'The Show Goes on - Vol 3 History of St Kilda  -  boarding house for visitors

  • Architects:

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  • Description:

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