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Royal Hotel, 22 Esplanade

Royal Hotel, Illustrated Australian Magazine, October 1851 Royal Hotel, Illustrated Australian Magazine, October 1851 Engraving by Thomas Ham (1821-1870), SLV image # H4214

In June 1846 Joseph Howard, proprietor of the Union hotel in Elizabeth Street, purchased Crown Allotment 8 with the intention of building a hotel facing the sea. By July 1847 the Royal Hotel was complete and operating.

Other Names Mooney's Royal Hotel
Date Built 1847
Architect Unknown architect: main building 1848
Sydney William Smith (1826-1886): roof repairs 1862, (additions 1864?)
William Joseph Ellis (d.1883): verandah & balcony 1876, brick additions 1881
Owners Joseph Howard
Demolition March 1927


sk0609 1200x650View showing corner additions ca. 1864 - City of Port Phillip Collection

  Source Summary or [note]

Argus 1846.6.9 p.3

This delightful little village will not be much longer without a Hotel, and on too that will not disgrace the beauty and pleasantness of its situation. Mr Howard of the ‘Union’, Elizabeth St, having purchased an allotment of ground there with the intention of building one upon it.

2. Argus 1847.3.30 p.2 Mr Howard, late of the Union Hotel, Elizabeth Street, has erected a splendid house at St Kilda, for which he purposes obtaining a licence.

Argus 1847.4.23 p.2

Applications for New Licences Granted: Joseph Howard, Royal Hotel St Kilda

4. Argus 1862.4.12 p.3

Tenders are invited until Wednesday, the 16th inst., for slating roof of Royal Hotel, St Kilda. Plan and specification with Sydney W. Smith, Town-hall, St Kilda.

5. Argus 1864.1.6 p.3

Tenders: Sydney W Smith invites tenders until 5 o'clock on Wednesday, the 13th inst., for building brick hotel at St Kilda Plans, etc. at his office. Town-hall St Kilda.

6. Argus 1876.8.24 p.3 Tenders required for the erection of verandah and balcony at the Royal Hotel St Kilda. Willian J Ellis, architect, 100 Elizabeth-street.
7. Argus 1880.6.9 p.3 Tenders required brick additions Royal Hotel St Kilda. Willian J Ellis, architect, 100 Elizabeth-street.

Argus 1927.3.7 p.2

Tenders required for the purchase and removal of the Royal Hotel, Esplanade, St Kilda. 163 William St, City

Royal Hotel ca. 1912Royal Hotel ca. 1912, St Kilda by the Sea 1913, SLV