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Seaforth (Demolished) 1 Esplanade

Seaforth Seaforth To come

MMBW detail base plan 1354 (April 1897), SLV Maps Collectionpart MMBW detail base plan 1354 (April 1897), SLV Maps Collection

H91.160 474cAerial view 1948, Charles Daniel Pratt, part image H91.160/474, SLV Pictures Collection

  • Date Built: 1873-1885 C
  • Demolished: By 1970
  • Builder:



  • First European Land Owner:

    1842 Crown Allottment 1 

    1873 5WW Vardy Maps ownership of  S Johnston

    1885 replaced with two storey brick and render house

  • Owners and occupiers:


    J S Johnston 


    To 1885 Mrs R. Annesley Billing

    To 1894 Mrs Matilda Serrell

  • Architects:

    To come

  • Description:

    To come

  • Sources:

    1873 John Vardy, Plans of the Borough of St Kilda,  CPP Collection Plan 5WW, Property no. 43 - attached valuer's notes indicate owned by J. S. Johnston
    Argus 1885 03.18 p.3 Monday March 30 at 11:00. Extensive sale of most costly household furniture … instructions from Mrs. R. Annesley Billing (in consequence of her leaving for a visit to England) … [description of furnishings follow]
    Argus 1886.05.26 p.1 Cook and laundress wanted.
    Argus 1894.02.10 p.2 Monday February 12 at 11:00. Under instructions from Mrs Matilda Serrell, on account of her leaving for Europe. … [description of furnishings follow]
    Argus 1907.06.17 p.10 Seaforth, 1 Esplanade. - First class board and residence, gentlemen, hotel cuisine, smoke room etc.

  • Compiled by: To come

Sadly demolished - this is now the site of the high rise building Arrandale.