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Marli (House demolished) 2 The Esplanade

1880s or 1890s: from left “Fortview” (1 Fitzroy St), “Seaforth” (1 Esplanade), driveway to “Marli” between pine trees (2 Esplanade), “Marli Terrace” aka “Marli Place” (3 Esplanade). 1880s or 1890s: from left “Fortview” (1 Fitzroy St), “Seaforth” (1 Esplanade), driveway to “Marli” between pine trees (2 Esplanade), “Marli Terrace” aka “Marli Place” (3 Esplanade).

  • Date Built: 1855c
  • Demolished: 1960 -1970 C
  • First European Land Owner:

    Crown Land Sales 1842 Brought by T  Lawrence  Allottment 1 XCorner Fitsroy Street and The Esplanade.

    Kearney Map 1855 indlicates a building on the location of Marli

    1873 Vardy Map Ownership of properties 1-7 the Esplande by the Hon James Stewart Johnson MLA 

  • Owners and occupiers:

    1873 The Vardy Index and Maps shows that the Hon James Stewart Johnston MLA owned all blocks numbered 43 to 50 The Esplanade. These numbers now translate to Numbers 1 to 7 The Esplanade, and in particular Number 1 (“Seaforth”), 2 (“Marli”) and 3-7 (“Marli Terrace”).

    The Hon James Stewart Johnston MLA and family (from 1865 to 1895) Marli was a house located behind Johnston’s Marli Terrace, although it had its own Esplanade address. Records show Johnston and his family actually lived in “Marli” the house, rather than Marli Terrace. Johnston still had ownership of the house (and the same neighbouring properties) when the family vacated the property.

    Isabella Gillespie (1900); Nellie Gillespie (1910-1915). By 1910, Marli was known as Tourello and had become a guest house.

    By 1918, it had become a bigger guest house, combined with neighbouring properties, “Seaforth”, “Fortview” and “Clarette”, collectively advertised under the location of 1 The Esplanade. By 1921, Marli changed names to “The Chummery”.

    In 1924, the Johnston Estate sold "Seaforth", “The Chummerie/y” (Tourello, Marli) and “Marli Terrace”. Records show Mr William C Smith at 2 The Esplanade operating a guest house, until 1955 when it is then listed as apartments.

    By 1970, it is referred to as a block of flats.

  • Architects:


  • Sources:

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  • Compiled by: Liz Kelly and Sally Moore
  • Last updated: Tuesday, 15 March 2022

This house was set back from the Esplanade and therefore wasn't visible from the Esplanade. It is now a 70's style block of flats.