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Murweh (demolished) 18-20 Esplanade

View from beach ca. 1928-1935 View from beach ca. 1928-1935 SLV image H91.50/2358
Other Names:   Rathlin (?-1901), Kilnyana (1901-?), Mandalay (1916-1979?)
Date Built:   1882


  Smith & Johnson [The partnership of Alfred Louis Smith (1830-1907) & Arthur Ebden Johnson(1823-1895)]
Builder:   not known
Cost:   not known
Owners:   Alfred Kirkpatrick (1882-?), Mrs E M Perkins (-1892), Southern insurance Co Ltd (-1901)
Occupants:   Alfred Kirkpatrick (1882-1885), Thomas Smith (1886-1887), Mrs E M Perkins (-1892), Mrs A W Fraser (-1901)
Description:   Large two storey Italianate villa of 10 main rooms with double height verandah facing the the sea.
History:   The site formed part of Crown Allotment 7 and was purchased by Alfred Kirkpatrick in ca. 1880. Smith & Johnson architects designed the house in 1882 which was named after the Queensland station on the Warrego River that Kirkrpatrick owned in partnership with Edward Quin.
MMDB Entry   3822 

mmbw1367cpart MMBW detail base plan 1367, dated 1897, SLV Maps Collection

  Source   Description or [note]
1.     Argus 1880.10.29 p.2   Sale by Auction: This day at three o'clock on the ground, being subdivision of Crown Portion 7 into six valuable allotments. In the estate of the Late Thomas Jackson ... [description follows].
2. Argus 1881.09.19 p.4  

Commercial Intelligence: Messrs Richard Gibson & Co report having sold, on account of Mr Mars Buckley, his Murweh Station, on the Warrego River, Queensland … Messrs Alfred Kirkpatrick and Edward Quin, of Wilcannia, being the purchasers.

3. Argus 1882.02.23 p.11  

Tenders: invited by the 27th inst. for erecting residence for A. Kirkpatrick, Esq, Esplanade, St Kilda. Smith and Johnson, architects, Market buildings.

4. Argus 1885.10.17 p.8  

To Let: Furnished or unfurnished, for one or two years, Murweh, Esplanade, St Kilda.

5. Argus 1892.03.23 p.2  

Sales by Auction: This day at twelve o'clock, Rathlin, formerly Murweh. [description follows]

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