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Questa (demolished) 21 Esplanade

William Tibbits 1887 William Tibbits 1887 NLV Pictures Collection

This site was created by the subdivision of Crown Allotment 7 into three sections, following Andrew Kirkpatrick's purchase of Acadia Cottage from the estate of Thomas Jackson in 1880. The house became a guest house from ca. 1910 and was demolished for flats in ca. 1960.

Other names: none
Date constructed: ca. 1882


Smith & Johnson ?

Builder: unknown
Cost: unknown

[1882-1887] Edward Quin (1843-1922)

1887-1900] Charles Gibson Millar (d.1900) partner in C & E Millar railway contractors

Occupants: Edward Quin [1883-]
MMDB Entry: 5224 https://aai.app.unimelb.edu.au/apex/f?p=198:5:102780814714654::NO:RP:P5_ID:5224 
Obituaries Australia Entry: http://oa.anu.edu.au/obituary/millar-charles-gibson-29931

part MMBW detail plan 1367, dated May 1897Questa letterhead ca 1920, City of Port Phillip Collection

  Source  Description or [note]
1. Argus 1880.10.29 p.2

Sales by Auction: This Day at 3 o'clock on the ground … Being subdivision of Crown Allotment 7 into six valuable allotments. In the estate of Thomas Jackson.

2. Argus 1884.11.09 p.1 

Births: On the 8th inst., at Questa, Esplanade, St Kilda, the wife of Edward Quin of a son.

3. Argus 1885.01.29 p.8 Cook and Laundress, good, wanted. Apply before noon, Mrs Quin, Questa Esplanade, St Kilda.

Argus 1901.2.9 p.2

Sales by Auction: Thursday 21 at 12 o'clock. Executor's sale. In the estate of late C G Millar deceased, charming villa residence on Esplanade, corner Robe Street, St Kilda, and known as 'Questa' [description follows]


Questa400wImage from Questa letterhead ca 1920, City of Port Phillip Collection

Questa Tower, photo by E. Graeme Robertson, SLV CollectionE Graeme Robertson, Victorian Heritage, p.179

  • Date Built: To come
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  • Architects:

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Site of high rise block of flats northern corner intersection with Robe Street.