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Gatwick Hotel (Extant) 34 Fitzroy Street

Gatwick Hotel (Extant) 34 Fitzroy Street SLV Pictures image H32492/5120

Edward O'Donnell's house Lockinge stood on this site from ca. 1881-1937. Following O'Donnell's death the house was put up for auction on Tuesday 6 August. On auction day it was passed in but later purchased by Margaret Carter sometime in late 1935. Initially she ran it as a guest house with Lorna Beale as its manager. In 1937 Harry Raymond Johnson architect, then City of St Kilda Councillor for West Ward, was employed to design a new modern hotel for the partnership. By the beginning of October 1937 the 'luxurious' Gatwick Hotel was being advertised as 'only just built' and proudly announcing that it's Oriental chef was Alex Julius.

Other Names   Gatwick Private Hotel
Date Built   Building permit issued 23.4.1937, works completed end of September 1937
Architect   Harry Raymond Johnson (1892-1954)
Structural Engineer   Clive Steel
Owner   (1935-1944) Margaret Carter, 38 Woolton Ave, Thornbury.
Operator   (1935-1944) Marlbeale PL, manager Lorna Mary Beale
Other Owners   (1944-1977) Louis Whyte, (1977-1998) Ronald & Vittoria Carbone, (1998-) Carbone twin daughters Yvette Kelly & Rose Banks

Argus 1937-10-02 p23

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The Gatwick is on the corner of Lock Street. Used as a baording house until recently when it was restored into apartments by The Block" recently