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Fortview (Demolished)1 Fitzroy Street

View of Fitzroy Street ca 1926-1939. Fortview on the far right with tower. View of Fitzroy Street ca 1926-1939. Fortview on the far right with tower. Part SLV image H32492/7570

  • Date Built: 1877
  • Demolished: 1970
  • First European Land Owner:

    1857 Crown Allotments St Kilda Planning Scheme - Ownership Lawrence https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/m27

    1877 Vardy maps West Ward Sheet 5 Ownership with 42 Hodgson  https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/vardy-plans

  • Owners and occupiers:

    Ann Brentani; Julia Miller; Annie Ferrero; Philip Wirth

  • Architects:

    Peter Matthews

  • Description:

    Had frontages on both Fitzroy Street and the Esplanade. A double storey brick residence, with four reception rooms, eight bedrooms, servants’ rooms, verandas, balconies and a tower.

  • History:

    Ann Brentani came from a poor Irish background and married an ex-convict, Carlo Brentani. Carlo Brentani eventually made his money through gold-buying and had a jewellery business in Collins Street, Melbourne. He then invested his money in property. After Carlo had died, Ann also began buying property and finally settled in Fortview, which she had built five years before her death. The property was then sold, became a boarding house and was later divided into flats. From around 1917, Fortview and neighbouring properties, Seaforth and Tourello, existed as a large private hotel, which was broken up again and sold in 1921. The property was listed as “Fortview Flats” in 1940 and in 1970 it was converted into the Pinacotheca Art Gallery.

  • Sources:


    MMDB Registration Number  1280

    Kelly, L. (2020, April). Carlo Brentani (1817-1853), Ann Brentani (1820-1882) and Fortview. St Kilda Times, (230), 1 - 2. Retrieved from https://stkildahistory.org.au/news-and-events/newsletters

  • Compiled by: Sally Moore and Liz Kelly
  • Last updated: Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Corner of Fitzroy Street and the Esplanade. Now demolished