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Tufnell (Demolished) 33 Fitzroy Street

Tufnell Extract form Fitxroy Street taken betweeen 1925 and 1940 Tufnell Extract form Fitxroy Street taken betweeen 1925 and 1940 SLV Pratt, Charles Daniel, photographer.

  • Date Built: Before 1852
  • Demolished: Around 1930-40
  • First European Land Owner:

    First European Land Owner:

    1857 Prahran Parish Map (Identifying Crown Land Allotments 1845 onwards) Allotment ID 15 owned by W Firebrace Fitzroy Street West to Acland Street.  https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/parish

    1855 Kearney Map Fitzroy Street from Jackson Street link to Acland Street subdivided including Jackson Street. Mainly small buildings identified.    https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/kearney-1

    1873 Vardy Map West Ward Sheet 5 .Allotments 49-43 owned by W Simpson largely shown as terraces.   https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/vardy-plans

  • Owners and occupiers:

    Check ownership of 49 as Samuel Jackson.? 

    Check ownership by Mary Anne Kesterson as owning neighbouring group of terraces in 31 Fitzroy Street Check dates

  • Architects:

    Samuel Jackson - 

  • Description:

    The image gallery shows a house identified as Tufnell. It is set back from Fitzroy Street and is relatively unique to this area being in the Old English style adopted by Samuel Johnson for the domestic buildings he designed in Victoria. Other buildings in Australian Colonial Style by Miles Lewis confirm that he used a variety of different styles in the many church buildings he designed in the central city area of Melbourne. They are also quite different from the the simple colonial form of architecture he used for his earlier buildings in Tasmania before coming to Melbourne.

  • Sources:

     Original identification - Peter Johnson

    Melbourne Mansions Database: Registration N 853 :

    Argus, 10 Jan 1876, p 3. David Goldie. Tenders wanted for additions to 'Tufnell Villa', St Kilda.

    Argus, 22 June 1878, p 2 - auction of Tufnell Villa in Fitzroy St, St Kilda St, between rlwy st and Esplanade, property of Mrs MAL, daughter of late SJ. Has recently had substantial brick additions made to it, comprising hall, dining & drawing rooms. [I assume designed by SJ before he left in 1852, and inherited from him]

    TS Note: 'Tuffnell Villa' & 'The Peppers' are the same house.

    Raggatt, 'St Kilda', quotes Argus, 26 July 1932 re demolition of 'The Peppers', Fitzroy St, built in the late 1860s and owned by Samuel Jackson. Identified on 1873 Vardy plan as being on the south side near east cnr Acland St. Raggatt notes that a house of this plan is on the 1853

    Black plan of St Kilda. Annotation by Raggatt identifies this as Vardy plan No. 5 W W , lot 5.

    MU Archives, Sydney Arnold & Co real estate leaflet collection, book Sept 1926 - Feb 1934, p 217.

    Auction leaflet, 26 Feb 1930, site plan of 'Tufnell Lodge', part of the Prince of Wales hotel site for sale, estate of W M Kesterson, dec.

  • Compiled by: Helen Halliday
  • Last updated: Sunday, 15 August 2021

Originally a large block of land extending through to Jackson Street. Near to Prince of Wales Hotel.