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Gloucester Terrace Fitzroy Street (Demolished)

Vardy Park and Gloucester  Terraces Vardy Park and Gloucester Terraces Vardy Map (part) WW

  • Date Built: 1858
  • Builder:

    Henry Davis

  • First European Land Owner:

    1845 Crown Allotment 43: Ownership I T Mollison  https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/m27

    1864 Ownership Henry Davis, Gloucester Terrace built (listed in the St Kilda Burgess Roll) HR

    1864? owner Alexander Orr  HR

    1873  John Mackenzie and William Kaye (Mackenzie owner allotments 23-26) HR

    1873 J Vardy Map WW2 Gloucester Terrace adjoins Park Terrace to the East. Sheet 3:  Allotments 23-26 owner:Harry Hacker. Allotments 27 and 28 owner:Thomas. Allotments 29 owner: G Turner. Allotments 30-38 J B Haile  https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/vardy-plans HH

  • Architects:

    To come

  • Description:

    To come

  • History:

    Perhaps it was the investment of Eden and James which encouraged Henry Davis to build a development, of similar scale adjoining 'Park Terrace' on the west side of Fitzroy Street. Called 'Gloucester Terrace' it is recorded in the Rate Book of 1858 as consisting of 9 ten roomed houses, though by 1~60 the number of houses had been corrected to lU. (It is possible that a Tender called by George Wharton for the erection of 10 dwelling houses at St. Kilda dated 2.4.1857 may refer to Gloucester Terrace) Howard Raggatt

    At the time of the Cox Survey of 1864 Henry Davis is listed in the St. Kilda Burgess Roll.as a Squatter resident in N.S.W. and owner of the Auction Mart in Barkly Street. Davis sold "Gloucester Terrace" to Alexander Orr who in turn sold out by 1873 to the interests of two other substantial St. Kilda investors, John Mackenzie and William Kaye. Mackenzie owned the four houses nearest to "Park Terrace" (which he had entirely owned since 1864) with Kaye owning the 1. Rate Book 1861. Dalgety Street. Howard Raggatt

    Vardy Survey Ibid Sheet No. 2 WW Lots 23-32. 3. "Hobsons Bay" Mise. Coastal Survey 40 Cox 1864. 41. remaining six. Neither of the owners occupied a dwelling of their purchase (HR pg 47)

  • Sources:

  • Compiled by: To come

Opposite the location of the St Kilda Cricket Grounds on Fitzroy Street