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Barham, 51 Grey Street

The property of E B Green ca.1854 The property of E B Green ca.1854 lithograph by Samuel Thomas Gill, Pictures Collection, NLA

Barham House was constructed in 1850 to the designs of the architect John Gill (ca.1797-1866). It was built for Edward Bernard Green (1809-1861) wealthy pastoralist and businessman.

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Other Names Eildon
Date Built 1850
Architect John Gill (1850); Reed and Barnes (1871)
Builder Unknown
Owners Edward Bernard Green; John Lang Currie
Description Built on a nine-acre block. Also featured an ancient Swiss cottage.
History Edward Bernard Green, land speculator, had this magnificent residence built for himself in 1850. William Nicholson MLC, politician, lived at Barham House while he was premier from 1859-60 and until he died in 1865. John Lang Currie, grazier, bought half the property in 1869, and partly altered and extended it to an Italianate design. It was also renamed “Eildon”. Nowadays, the building is used by Alliance Francaise.
Occupants Edward Bernard Green; William Nicholson MLC; John Lang Currie; Alliance Francaise
MMDB Entry

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Front view in 1872, Port Phillip Collection image #SK0457

Compiled by: Introduction, photos and data sheet compiled by Peter Johnson; information table compiled by Sally Moore.
Last updated: 20.08.20