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Quat Quatta, Glen Eira Road

Modern view from street Modern view from street Image courtesy of Quat Quatta Receptions
Address now: 17 Quat Quatta Avenue
Date built: 1889
Architect: W. H. Cooper
Owners: Thomas MONAHAN, Betsy KEOGH, John Alston WALLACE
Description: Originally Crown allotment no.255 purchased by Thomas Monahan ca. 1853






  Source Summary or note
1. Argus ?

Government Land Sale

[date not found]

3. Argus 1889.8.17 p.14


W. H. Cooper architect invites tenders, until 31st August, for residence Glen Eira Road, St Kilda. Quantaties by Mr. J. A. Woods.

4. Southern Cross 1911.9.30 p.7

Auction Notices

Saturday, October 7 at 3 o'clock, On the ground East St Kilda important subdivisional sale of the well-known Erindale and Quat Quatta Estates, which have been locked up for 50 years. 65 choice building sites together with that well and substantially built brick residence "Quat Quatta".

5. Argus 1920.10.20 p.2

Sale by Auction

Saturday, October 30. On the ground, "Quat Quatta" Estate, Rippon Lea, 12 choice shop sites. Also that magnificent residence "Quat Quatta", 14 rooms and ballroom …






MMBW plan 1452 of Quat Quatta, March 1901MMBW plan 1452 of Quat Quatta, March 1901 - SLV Maps Collection


Subdivision of Quat Quatta, Ripponlea1911 Subdivision of Quat Quatta, Ripponlea - SLV Maps Collection