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Pladda, 20-22 Tennyson Street

"Pladda", St. Kilda, [home of] Captain A. Currie "Pladda", St. Kilda, [home of] Captain A. Currie Imperial Institute series of bromide photographs of Victoria, Vol. 1 : Homes and scenery, SLV Pictures
Other Names Moulin Rouge
Date Built 1880s
Architect Unknown
Builder Unknown
Owners Captain A. Currie
Description Unknown
History In 1958, musician Leo Rosner opened the Moulin Rouge nightclub at Pladda mansion. Before being demolished, it was used as flats.
Occupants Captain A. Currie

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge, Dickens Street, East St Kilda, 1963. Donated by Alan Bates, 2010. City of Melbourne Art and Heritage Collection