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Woodlands (Demolished) 2-4 Tennyson Street

Anderson family at Woodlands c 1900 Anderson family at Woodlands c 1900 Photo supplied to Society courtesy Graeme Ryan

  • Date Built: before 1866
  • Demolished: 1925-1930 C
  • Builder:

    Not known

  • First European Land Owner:

    1857 Prahran Parish Map (Identifying Crown Land Allotments 1845 onwards)  Map ID 83 owned by W Powell. See area near Beach Road. Blessington Gardens Marked as a Reserve.  https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/parish

    1855 Kearney Map site unoccupied. Blessington Street Gardens still vacant land   https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/kearney-1

    1873 Vardy Map South Ward Sheet 5 Allotment 61 in the name of J Whitney Also owned Allottment 62 (to the East). .  https://stkildahistory.org.au/our-collection/resources/vardy-plans

    1890's Circa 1900 MMDB  Record 30  St Kilda . check

    Above information available on Maps section of the St Kilda Historical Society websiteTo come

  • Owners and occupiers:

    1867-1878  Described as being the home of John Witney S&M 1866 -1870 and again in the Auction Notice for its sale in 1877. Described as being next to 'Corinella' the residence of Edwin Brett.

    1879 Melbourne Judge, Arthur Wolfe Chumley and Mrs. Juliana Charlotte Chumley resided at ‘Woodlands. Mr. Henry Gyles Turner and Mrs. Helen Turner, nee Ramsay of the ‘Bundalohn’ Estate lived right  next door (Woodlands subdivided to now include Bundalohn and perhaps Himalaya?) I have a 10am appointment tomorrow to view the Chumley family photo  > album held by State Library of Victoria in their special collections area, fingers crossed I get lucky and find what I need.

    In 1895 it was known as 35 Tennyson Street when James Anderson lived there and later as 2 Tennyson Street when it was occupied by Charles  Frederick Lungley and Mrs. Fanny Lungley, who lived at the house until it was demolished sometime between 1925 to 1930.

    Following are comments from researcher Stephen Hartcher April 2022.

    In addition, I am searching for an original historical building permit application #8794 issued by St Kilda Council on the 26th November 1934 and any other associated records such as architect plan etc. connected to the address 2 & 4 Tennyson Street, St Kilda Council advise they only hold building records as far back as 1984. They could not tell me where records before that date have  been placed. I’ve asked PROV, they advise they don’t have Planning Application records for St. Kilda. I would be much obliged if someone from the St. Kilda Historical Society can advise me where one might find such records please?
     Kind Regards,
    Stephen Hatcher
    Volunteer Secretary & Event Coordinator, Hotham History Project Inc. Correspondence April 2022

    The above information from the CoPP is incorrect. They hold plans and permits for 1915 for the St Kilda area. 

  • Architects:

    Beauchamp & Son

  • Description:

    Two storey res with 11 rooms, with verandah and balcony to the front and the back. Image shows the entrance off Blessington Street with a large garden to the north.

  • Sources:

    I’ve also just discovered the first purchaser of the land I’'m researching was Mr. Walter Powell, a major 
    donor of Wesley College, and Melbourne Ironmonger and a contemporary > of James McEwan of the McEwan Hardware stores.https://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/powell-walter-4411


  • Compiled by: Helen Halliday
  • Last updated: Tuesday, 03 May 2022

Demolished. Entry from Blessington street Looking for house image