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Rippon Lea Estate Hotham Street Extant

Rippon Lea Rippon Lea Donald McDonald Photographer

  • Date Built: 1868
  • Demolished: Extant
  • First European Land Owner:

    To come

  • Owners and occupiers:


  • Architects:

    To come

  • Description:

    Rippon Lea is now owned by the National Trust and is in the City of Caulfield.

    Elsternwick (and Rippon Lea)  were part of  St Kilda from 1860 to at least 1874? This needs checking  In 1873 Vardy Maps do not include the Ripponlea/Elsterwick area.


  • Sources:


    Cooper History Vol 2 pp160-162

  • Compiled by: Helen Halliday Ken Norling
  • Last updated: Sunday, 09 October 2022