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James Henry Fox (Born 1827 died 1900)

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1858 Chatsworth House Built 

1863 Hamilton Spectator and Grange District Advertiser (Vic. : 1860 - 1870), Friday 24 July 1863, FROM HAMILTON TO THE HOPKINS.PART II.page 3 CHATSWORTH HOUSE, as Mr. Moffatt's mansion has been named, is undoubtedly one of the wonders of the Western District. In a locality where, some twenty years ago, the foot of the white ' man had never rested, and where the country now is used only for the primitive pastoral pursuits of squatting, miles away from any town or centre of population, and not even adjacent to anything which may be called a road, in fact in the open wild bush, unenclosed, without garden, fence, or plantation stands a magnificent -mansion, a fit rival to the country seats of many of the nobility of England. It was a lovely morning as we rode over from Nareeb Nareeb to see this Australian wonder, this lavish creation of Victorian wealth. .By a coincidence we were for tunate enough to fall in at Mr. Gray's with Mr. J. H. Fox, the architect of the building. The company of this gentleman, and the information he was able to give us, materially added to the Interest of the visit, especially as we were not fortunate enough to find Mr. Moffat at home......

1872 Ballarat Star Fri mar 1 Messrs Fox and Oakden architects of the town hall and court house at Clunes have been authorized by the Borough to call for tenders for the building: 

1872 Ballarat Star Tues 27th Feb City Architects Report - Mr Fox acting city architect, reported as to the filling up of the font of the townhall offices for the bank and stated that the ceiling would require alteration - Decided to call for tenders for this work. 

1872 Ballarat Star Sat 24th Feb 1872 Messrs Fox and Oakden, who are the architects for the new Wesleyan Church at Brunswick, have let the contract for the first part of the building to Mr Robert Roberts, of Footscray. There remain a tower,vestry, and gallery to be erected, but the congregation will make an effort to raise the necessary means, as a wealthy member has undertaken to contribute £lO• for every £IOO expended by the committee, provided the building is completed within two years. The total cost will exceed £SOOO. 

1872 Ballarat Star Wed 6th Dec Percy Oakden, the architect of the Town-hall of Ballarat City, was, or 23rd October, feted at Duncan’s Edinburgh Castle hotel, when a capital dinner was laid to about thirty guests, including representatives of both Ballarat East and West. The Mayor of the City (Mr Ilobt. Lewis) was in the chair, and the town-clerk and revenue-officer occupied the vicechairs. ! The toast “ The Guest of the Evening” was proposed by the mayor, who summed up his compliments by saying that Mr Oakden was a gentleman.This was heartily responded to by the guests, and Mr Oakden in a modest reply said he had received great courtesy as well from tho profession in Ballarat as from the City Council and the officers of the city. Mr Fox proposed “The Contractors,” which was fittingly responded to by Mr Cowland and Mr Boulton,both of whom recognised the professional ability and gentlemanly courtesy of Mr Oakden in all his dealings with them. Mr ex-Councillor Caselli proposed “ The Officers of the City Council," whom he complimented on their dutiful attention to their onerous duties,specially mentioning Mr Engineer Baird as the oldest servant of the Council. Mr S. Baird, Mr R. Ford(town-clerk), Mr G. F. Lovitt (revenue-officer), and MrWynne (rate-collector) severally responded, and the first two joined in the testimony of respect paid to Mr Oakden as a competent architect and a gentleman,Mr Boulton, one of the contractors, spoke, perhaps,the highest eulogy when he said that the Town-hall was the outcome of no fewer than one hundred and fifty plans, which Mr Oakden had to adjust and superintend, and every detail of which, and every arising difficulty, he was found fully competent to overcome— 

1872 Ballarat East The Ballarat Star Fir 2 Feb In consequence of the serious illness of Mr Percy Oakden, the City Council has deemed it advisable to procure the services of Mr James H. Fox, architect,to carry out the works at the new Town-hall. Mr Fox is well known as the architect who designed and carried out the extensive and palatial mansion known as Chatsworth House, the seat of the late Mr John Moffatt. 

1873 The Advocate Sat 19 Jul 1873 THE Star states that it was reported in Ballarat on Monday that Mr. Fox, of the firm of Fox and Oakden, architects, of Ballarat,had obtained the appointment of quantity surveyor in the Public Works department.The appointment is worth some£700 a year. T

1876  Bacchus Marsh Express (Vic. : 1866 - 1943), Saturday 14 October 1876, page 2 1876 'No Title', The Bacchus Marsh Express (Vic. : 1866 - 1943), 14 October, p. 2. , viewed 29 Dec 2022, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article88350159  The mansion for Messrs. T. and A. Chirnside, which has been in course of erection for them upon their Werribee Park estate, Wyndham; since February, 1874, is now very nearly completed.......................To describe the 50 or 60 rooms in the house, exclusive of the basement cellars, would make these remarks too lengthy, although a description of each would show that all contain some special feature reflecting credit upon those who had the designing of them, and here we may say that the contractor for the building—Mr. P. Colquhoun—has been the chief designer, assisted by Mr. Fox, architect, and by the Messrs. Chirnside themselves

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1877 The Age Sat 15 Dec 1877 There is on exhibition, in the  window of Mr. W. R; Stevens, 78 Swanston Steet, a picture, which is indicative of the immense fortunes made by some of those who have been lucky or clever enough to aggregate large treats of land in this colony. It is a representation of a mansion erected by Messrs. T. and A. Chirnside on their estate at Werribee Park, which appears to be one of the finest buildings of the kind in Victoria. The building was commenced between three and four years ago, and was designed by Mr. James H. Fox, architect, of this city, who has also had the superintendence of the works. The structure is of brick, with solid Barrabool-hill freestone facings, and its cost has been about £60,000.The design is of the modern classic style, and reflects great credit on the architect, whose name is well known in connection with several other- large houses, notably that of the late Mr. John Moffatt, at Chatsworth, in the Western district. 
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1878 Civil Service Act, N.o| 160, the services of the several officers named in the schedule here to are dispensed with from and after this date (8thJanuary, 1878) viz. - W. W. Wardell, inspectorgeneral of public works; S. H. Merrett, chief assistant architect and engineer; Alfred T. Snow,assistant architect; John J. Clark, assistant architect; Henry Moseley, engineering surveyor, etc.;James H. Fox, measuring and quantifier surveyor; Alexander Crombie Todd, travelling super-intending inspector of works; Henry Topping,inspector of works; George O'Connor, inspector of works; Thomas H. Williams, inspector of works; James Martin, inspector of works; Leonard Carr, inspector of works; William Gordon inspector of works; J. W. Martin, caretaker, Government house; Alexander Galt, secretary for public works; William Stokes, clerk, 3rd class.J. B. Patterson, Commissioner of Public Works.Public Works Office, Melbourne, 8th Jan., 1878.Department of Public Works. - The Governor,with the advice of the Exeoutive Council, has been pleased to appoint Charles Le Cren, secretary,Water Supply, to be acting secretary Public Works Department, vice A. Gait, relieved. - J. B.Patterson, Commissioner of Public Works. Department of Public Works, Melbourne, 8th Jan.,1878. Bendigo Advertiser 10 Jan 1878
Large reductions have been made in the department of Public Works, the services of the following officials being dispensed with:- W.W. WardelI, inspector-general of public works ;S. H. Merrett, chief assistant architect and en-ineer ; Alfred T. Snow, assistant architect ; John J. Clark, assistant architect ; Henry Mosely, engineering surveyor, &c; James H.Fox, measuring and quantities surveyor ; Alexander Crombie Todd, travelling superintending inspector of works ; Henry Topping, inspector of works; George O'Connor, inspector of works; Thos. H. Williams, inspector of works ; JamesMartin, inspector of works; Leonard Carr, inspector of works; William Gordon, inspector of works....

1878 Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954), Thursday 3 October 1878, page 3 Inquiry into the quality of stone used in the Supreme Court. James Henry Fox giving testiment.

1879 Ballarat Star Fri 9 May . W. Martin, c.... James Henry Fox, examined by Mr Yale, deposed—I am an architect and surveyor. . I have been in the Government service for five years .as inspector of quantities and measurements, and have had thirty years’ experience as an-architect. I visited the Gong.. 
1886 The Argus 22 Jun 1886  FOX.—On the 8th ult., at Reigate, England, Edward Fox, sworn broker, London, brother of James H.Fox, architect, Melbourne. 
1887 The engagement is announced of Miss Fox, only daughter of Mr. James Henry Fox, Architect, • Melbourne. to Mr. Joseph De Saxe, of William Street,Melbourne. The marriage will take place about next July. Table Talk Melbourne Fri 16 Dec 1887
1888 The Herald 1 Mar  MARRIAGES. DESAXE— FOX.— On the 14th ult., at St, Paul's Pro-Cathedral, Joseph De Saxe, 7 William street,to Juanita Evelyn Fox. only daughter of James Henry Fox, architect. Normanby Chambers, Melbourne. Home paper please copy. 
1889 Birthday Greeting in Table Talk Fir 23 Aug 1889   To Mr. James Henry Fox, architect, born 1827. 
1900 Australasian Sat 11 Aug  FOX.—On the 4th August, at his late residence,101 Chapel-street, East St. Kilda, James Henry, the dearly beloved husband of Matilda Fox, honorary secretary of Royal Victorian Institute of Architects, aged 73 years.

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