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Monday, 20 January 2014 02:35

Slideshow key Peter Johnson

Unless otherwise stated the images used in our slideshow can be found and downloaded from the Pictures Collection, State Library of Victoria.




Image #

thumb h90.90-71-nar  

St Kilda Courthouse & Town Hall ca. 1861-1865
Looking north across Barkly Street towards the corner of Grey Street showing the bluestone watch house and lock-up in the distance on RHS. Photographer unknown.


thumb h84.346-75-nar  

St Kilda Town Hall, Brighton Road ca. 1910-1921


thumb h32492 4682-nar  

St Kilda Road ca 1910-1920 
View looking north from the Junction.


thumb h2009.61-79n  

St Kilda Road 
At High Street intersection


thumb h84.233-195-nar  

Barkly Street ca. 1906-1915
View from the Village Belle Hotel roof looking south showing the VR electric tram at the intersection of Barkly and Mitford Streets. Photographer unknown.


thumb v600-img324-nar  

Esplanade ca. 1865-1872
View of Granny's shop looking south towards Point Ormond in the distance

Cooper v2, p158
thumb h3617nar  

Granny's Shop, Esplanade ca. 1868-1872
View of Granny's shop

thumb h32492-4665-nar  

Alfred Square & Esplanade ca. ?

thumb h32492-6549-nar  

 St Moritz, Esplanade ca. ?

thumb image-h32492-5664-nar  

 Catani Clock Tower steps, Esplanade ca. 1950-1960

thumb H92.150 785  

Shelter Pavilion & Tearooms ca. 1908-1914
View looking south across the Catani Arch gardens towards Mrs Mary Gillespie's tea rooms [the Stoke House in more recent times] 

thumb h32492-3255-nar  



Shelter Pavilion & Tearooms ca. 1948-1954
View looking north across the Catani Arch gardens towards the Catani Clock Tower


thumb h32492 6786-nar  

Gardens, Jacka Boulevard ca. 1948-1954
View looking north across Catani Arch lawn towards Catani Clock Tower

thumb h91.50-2358-nar  

South Beach ca. 1938-1950
View from Brooks Jetty

thumb h92.150-784-n  

Weniger's Carousel, Lower Esplanade ca. 1913-1919

thumb h90.37-21-nar  

Little Luna Park, Lower Esplanade ca. 1908-1920

thumb h32492-8159n  

St Kilda Beach ca. 1948-1950 
View towards Little Luna Park, Palais Theatre & Luna Park

thumb h32492-4932-nar   Palais de Danse, Lower Esplanade ca. 1920-1925 H32492/4932
 thumb h32492 6372-nar   Jacka Boulevard ca. 1934-1954
View looking south to Little Luna Park
thumb h96.160 2004-nar    St Kilda Pier ca. ? H96.160/2004 
thumb h32492-4663-nar   St Kilda Baths ca. 1905-1925 H32492/4663
thumb h32492-4283-nar   St Kilda Baths ca. 1930-1954 H32492/4283
thumb h91.50-842-nar   St Kilda Baths ca. 1930-1954 H91.50/842
thumb h2007.130 57-nar   Esplanade & Jacka Boulevard ca. 1930 H2007.130/57
thumb h32492-7570-nar   Fitzroy Street ca. 1926-1940 H32492/7570
thumb h32492 4638-nar   Fitzroy Street ca. 1910-1925 H32492/4638
thumb h324924684   Gregory Hall, Chapel Street ca. 1920 H324924684
thumb h324924710-nar   Elwood Village, Ormond Road ca. 1906-1920 H324924710


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