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Monday, 26 April 2021 17:51

The Priory (Extant) 61 Alma Road

This is a magnificent building which is in excellent condition belying its age. Originally built as a school it is now used as a private residence. It is late Victorian in the American Romanesque style. Information on this building and it history has been extracted from Citation 289 CoPP.

Though technically described as the work of Elleker and Kilburn, Kilburn's trip to America has been extensively documented by Miles Lewis showing his detailed work in the American Romanesque Style.

Published in Alma Road
Monday, 26 April 2021 11:43

Toldara (extant) 40 Alma Road

Toldara is a stunning building which is almost impossible to find as it's facade has been surrounded by blocks of flats. Despite this it continues to inspire awe and surprise.

Published in Alma Road
Tuesday, 06 April 2021 20:16

Bundalohn (Extant) 6 Tennyson Street

Now revealed following many years of being hidden behind the City Gate Motel. The building has modern social housing units facing Tennyson Street.

Published in Tennyson Street
Friday, 30 October 2020 03:11

Fenagh Cottage (Extant) 7 Burnett Street

The coach-house and one small building still remain from this property owned by George Watson of Cobb & Co; Melbourne Hunt Club and VRC.

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Saturday, 24 October 2020 05:02

Cranford (Extant) 9 Fulton Street

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Wednesday, 21 October 2020 05:33

Wickliffe (demolished) 10 The Esplanade

This elaborate wedding cake of a house was built on one of the prime pieces of land in St kilda overlooking the bay. It was demolished in.the 1970's and the land is now occupied by Arrandale, one of the last high rises to be built along the foreshore. Wickliffe was built for John Dickson Wyelaskie who was a higly successful parstoralist in the Western District. To learn more about the house and it's fate over time; continue reading here.

Published in Esplanade
Tuesday, 20 October 2020 01:22

Marli Terrace (Extant) 3-7 The Esplanade

Built by William Spottiswood for The Hon James Stewart Johnston MLA and his family.

Published in Esplanade
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