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Wednesday, 21 October 2020 05:33

Wickliffe (demolished) 10 The Esplanade

This elaborate wedding cake of a house was built on one of the prime pieces of land in St kilda overlooking the bay. It was demolished in.the 1970's and the land is now occupied by Arrandale, one of the last high rises to be built along the foreshore. Wickliffe was built for John Dickson Wyelaskie who was a higly successful parstoralist in the Western District. To learn more about the house and it's fate over time; continue reading here.

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Friday, 22 August 2014 05:38

Seaforth (Demolished) 1 Esplanade

This site was formed from a subdivision of Crown Allotment 1 in ca. 1843-1846.

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Monday, 20 January 2014 02:35

Slideshow key Peter Johnson

Unless otherwise stated the images used in our slideshow can be found and downloaded from the Pictures Collection, State Library of Victoria.




Image #

thumb h90.90-71-nar  

St Kilda Courthouse & Town Hall ca. 1861-1865
Looking north across Barkly Street towards the corner of Grey Street showing the bluestone watch house and lock-up in the distance on RHS. Photographer unknown.


thumb h84.346-75-nar  

St Kilda Town Hall, Brighton Road ca. 1910-1921


thumb h32492 4682-nar  

St Kilda Road ca 1910-1920 
View looking north from the Junction.


thumb h2009.61-79n  

St Kilda Road 
At High Street intersection


thumb h84.233-195-nar  

Barkly Street ca. 1906-1915
View from the Village Belle Hotel roof looking south showing the VR electric tram at the intersection of Barkly and Mitford Streets. Photographer unknown.


thumb v600-img324-nar  

Esplanade ca. 1865-1872
View of Granny's shop looking south towards Point Ormond in the distance

Cooper v2, p158
thumb h3617nar  

Granny's Shop, Esplanade ca. 1868-1872
View of Granny's shop

thumb h32492-4665-nar  

Alfred Square & Esplanade ca. ?

thumb h32492-6549-nar  

 St Moritz, Esplanade ca. ?

thumb image-h32492-5664-nar  

 Catani Clock Tower steps, Esplanade ca. 1950-1960

thumb H92.150 785  

Shelter Pavilion & Tearooms ca. 1908-1914
View looking south across the Catani Arch gardens towards Mrs Mary Gillespie's tea rooms [the Stoke House in more recent times] 

thumb h32492-3255-nar  



Shelter Pavilion & Tearooms ca. 1948-1954
View looking north across the Catani Arch gardens towards the Catani Clock Tower


thumb h32492 6786-nar  

Gardens, Jacka Boulevard ca. 1948-1954
View looking north across Catani Arch lawn towards Catani Clock Tower

thumb h91.50-2358-nar  

South Beach ca. 1938-1950
View from Brooks Jetty

thumb h92.150-784-n  

Weniger's Carousel, Lower Esplanade ca. 1913-1919

thumb h90.37-21-nar  

Little Luna Park, Lower Esplanade ca. 1908-1920

thumb h32492-8159n  

St Kilda Beach ca. 1948-1950 
View towards Little Luna Park, Palais Theatre & Luna Park

thumb h32492-4932-nar   Palais de Danse, Lower Esplanade ca. 1920-1925 H32492/4932
 thumb h32492 6372-nar   Jacka Boulevard ca. 1934-1954
View looking south to Little Luna Park
thumb h96.160 2004-nar    St Kilda Pier ca. ? H96.160/2004 
thumb h32492-4663-nar   St Kilda Baths ca. 1905-1925 H32492/4663
thumb h32492-4283-nar   St Kilda Baths ca. 1930-1954 H32492/4283
thumb h91.50-842-nar   St Kilda Baths ca. 1930-1954 H91.50/842
thumb h2007.130 57-nar   Esplanade & Jacka Boulevard ca. 1930 H2007.130/57
thumb h32492-7570-nar   Fitzroy Street ca. 1926-1940 H32492/7570
thumb h32492 4638-nar   Fitzroy Street ca. 1910-1925 H32492/4638
thumb h324924684   Gregory Hall, Chapel Street ca. 1920 H324924684
thumb h324924710-nar   Elwood Village, Ormond Road ca. 1906-1920 H324924710


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