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Pat Grainger: ‘They Can Carry Me Out’

16 March 2008

She arrived in Melbourne in 1961 from Los Angeles intending only to stay a short time. Pat was a founding member of the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society in 1993. A former Citizen of the Year of Port Melbourne, Pat is also a prolific and prize-winning editor, graphic artist and author. In 2001 she produced ‘Linking Us Together’ detailing how changing transport developed the cities of Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and St Kilda. ‘The Story of Excelsior Hall’ described how an iconic building served Port Melbourne and was the third in a series of booklets following the earlier publication of ‘Railway Rockeries’ and ‘Port Melbourne Town Hall’. ‘Walks Around Vintage Port’ detailed six self-guided walks around old Port Melbourne. Her prodigious output continues today despite major health challenges in recent years. In 2007 she produced ‘Chartered Scoundrels - a brief history of Port Melbourne Hotels’.