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Title Description Download
Simon Smith: The Governor General, the Entertainer and a tale of two vexatious litigants
8 August 2010 Open
Ahuva Herman
Anna Griffiths: The Triangle Campaign
15 July 2010 Open
Des and Alva Pickett
Robin Grow: Art Deco in St Kilda
17 June 2010 Open
Don Taggart
Maureen Walker: The Home Front in World War 1
23 April 2010 SKHS member, Maureen Walker, who is currently undertaking a Master‘s degree in Public History, talks about her research into the homefront activities of: St Kilda Municipal Council, St Kilda Patriotic League (incl. local Red Cross, Australian Comforts Fund) Organised Sport. YMCA The Diggers’ Rest – Soldiers’ Lounge, St Kilda Anti-Conscriptionists Anti-German sentiment and internments Vida Goldstein and the Women’s Peace Movement The Churches Mourning and Memory. Open
Leo Mason
Sam Everingham: Wild ride behind the legend of Cobb & Co
14 March 2010 History detective Sam Everingham (who lives in Port Melbourne) author of Wild Ride – The Rise & Fall of Cobb & Co brings us Freeman Cobb and the men who ran the coaching empire (incl. the colourful Prince of Starters, Geo John Watson, Burnett St, St Kilda); the larger than life personalities and their private tragedies; the drivers who made the firm famous and the incredible hardships endured by passengers. Open
Pauline Thompson 1
Richard Broome: The original history of Victoria
14 June 2009 Eminent historian Richard Broome presents stories and images from his prizewinning history of Victorian Aboriginals from 1800 onwards including St Kilda. Don’t miss this important prelude to NAIDOC Week 2009. Open
Pauline Thompson 2
Kerry Greenwood: Phryne's St. Kilda
17 May 2009 Local writer Kerry Greenwood is an acclaimed author of detective novels. Many set in St Kilda include a score of books featuring Phryne Fisher, a fabulous jazz era heroine. Kerry talks about her books and their researched St Kilda settings. Open
Pauline Thompson 3
Aaron Eidelson: 35th Anniversary of The Yom Kippur War
9 November 2008 Aaron Eidelson, a lawyer residing in Elwood recounts the complex political and social events surrounding the tragic and violent Yom Kippur War in 1973 and his own very personal involvement. Open