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Roger Backway
Students in Dissent - Forty Years Later
12 October 2008 This public event celebrates the fortieth anniversary of ‘Students in Dissent’ whose members distributed underground newspapers in secondary schools from 1968. Former students from the underground are invited to attend and tell their stories of these events. Open
Mackenzie Gregory: Centenary of Great White Fleet visit to Melbourne
10 August 2008 In 1908, the U.S. White Fleet was sent by President Teddy Roosevelt to the Pacific Ocean to demonstrate U.S. strength. En route from the Atlantic, via Cape Horn, the fleet was invited to visit Australia by the Prime Minister Alfred Deakin. The fleet visited Sydney, Melbourne and Albany. The talk will cover the visit of the Great White Fleet to Melbourne, in the context of the development of the Victorian Navy, prior to, and just after Federation. Open
Robin Grow: 150th Anniversary of 1st Game of Modified Football Rules, 3 June 1858, AND 130th Anniversary of the formation of the St Kilda Football Club in 1878.
15 June 2008 Robin Grow is a SKHS member, president of the Art Deco Society, raconteur and one of the authors of More Than a Game: An Unauthorised History of Australian Rules Football (1998) and the recently published The Australian Game of Football. Open
David Golightly: The Great St Kilda Canoe Missions - 1877
13 April 2008 In 1877 the Reverend Fairey of St Kilda assembled Australia’s first sea kayak from an English model. He launched his boat from St Kilda Pier to undertake an amazing journey of 200 kilometres. It was named ‘The Evangelist’. The reverend built his boat as a sportsman and to assist him to undertake his missionary activities and visit his parishioners by sea. His astonishing journey took him through the Port Phillip Heads to the Barwon River. 130 years later the Victorian Sea Kayak Club Sea Kayak re-enacted this remarkable journey to honour their founding member. Open
Pat Grainger: ‘They Can Carry Me Out’
16 March 2008 She arrived in Melbourne in 1961 from Los Angeles intending only to stay a short time. Pat was a founding member of the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society in 1993. A former Citizen of the Year of Port Melbourne, Pat is also a prolific and prize-winning editor, graphic artist and author. Open
Michael Lawriwsky: Author of Hard Jacka, the Story of a Gallipoli Legend
17 February 2008 Open
Wayne Murdoch & Graham Willett
10 June 2007 ©Australian Lesbian & Gay Archives Open