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Maviss 400x175

Matt and Beki from The Mavis’s performing at the Prince of Wales in May 2018. Photo by Brendan Moore.

UPDATE June 2022:  We are pleased to announce the project is almost done!  The first two podcast episodes are available on www.stkildamusic.com from June 2022. There will be 12 episodes overall, two available each week. Artists featured in the series include Fiona Lee Maynard, Nick Barker, Jack Howard, Tim Rogers, Tex Perkins, Dave Graney & Clare Moore, Genevieve McGuckin, Matt Doll Thomas, Paulie Stewart, Phill Calvert, Neil Wedd and jazz venue operator, Alan West.

Unplugged in St Kilda

The history of music in St Kilda from the 1970s to the 1990s

In 2021, the Society successfully applied for a City of Port Phillip Council Cultural Development Fund - Recovery Grant, which has the aim of reinvigorating the city as the arts precinct it is known for, post-Covid-19. We are grateful to receive the full amount we asked for, $12,000.

Music and other forms of entertainment are an extremely important part of St Kilda’s rich history. St Kilda has always been known for its live music and for being an area where a lot of musicians have lived over time.

The Unplugged in St Kilda project will document the history of music in St Kilda in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, interviewing bands and artists from those eras and turning some of these into podcasts recorded at local studios, and then featured on our web site. And, we will organise three artist Q&A sessions where members and fans will be invited to local venues to personally hear about how our wonderful city impacted their music and careers.

Committee member, Sally Moore, will be the lead on the project, working with Anna Bongiorno and Adam Ferrier. Together, they will be taking a specific look at bands/singers, lifestyles, venues, festivals etc and exploring how these have changed over time, including the main influences on the music scene (and how they have changed).

While studying communications at university, Sally worked as a talent scout intern at music company BMG. She then completed a Diploma of Music Management and worked for Ground Up Entertainment, a Sydney band booking agency, managing local bands. Sally moved to St Kilda eleven years ago to follow a lifelong love and interest in music. Through her contacts in the St Kilda music scene, she will be able to reach and interview a wide range of musicians and venue owners.

We look forward to celebrating one of the most enjoyable aspects of St Kilda and to seeing our members at the music Q&A sessions next year.