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  • Phasellus convallis tincidunt enim.


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Heritage Files

National Trust of Australia (Victoria) files

Christ Anglican Church & Organ, St Kilda B2352

Fincham & Hobday Organ — Uniting Church, St Kilda B6113

Free Presbyterian Church, St Kilda B5864

The Manse (former Stanhope), St Kilda B597

Old Parsonage, 14 Acland Street, St Kilda B4474

Presbyterian Church & Organ, St Kilda B6184

Sacred Heart Church, Manse, Hall & Organ, St Kilda B5296

Sassoon Yehuda Sephardi Synagogue, St Kilda B7100

St George’s Uniting Church & Organ, St Kilda B5519

St Mary’s Catholic Church & Presbytery, St Kilda East B3159

Uniting Church & Organ, St Kilda East B5966

Wesleyan Church Complex, St Kilda B1909

Register of the National Estate Database

All Saints Anglican Church, St Kilda East 005418

All Saints Anglican Church Group, St Kilda East 014719

Christ Church Anglican Church, St Kilda 005422

Christ Church Complex, St Kilda 014706

Free Presbyterian Church (former), St Kilda East 013332

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, St Kilda 005417

Presbyterian Church, St Kilda 009868

Presbyterian Manse, St Kilda 005412

Sacred Heart Church Group, St Kilda 015379

St George’s Uniting Church, St Kilda East 014714

St Mary’s Catholic Church, School Hall and Presbytery, St Kilda East 014701

Synagogue, St Kilda 012769

Wesleyan Methodist Church complex (former), St Kilda 014698

Historic Buildings Council

National Trust, Submission to the Historic Buildings Council on the Former Congregational Church 1874, 29 August 1883, HBC File 84/3046.