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Lansmere 59 Alma Road also Grammar (1875-1886)

Lansmere, ca 1862-1971 Lansmere, ca 1862-1971 photo by John Collins, SLV Pictures Collection
Address  Lansmere, 59 Alma Road, St Kilda
Date Established August 1875
Date Closed December 1886

Edward Littlejohn Backhouse began holding classes in his father's house in mid 1875. A year later it was trading under the title Alma Road Grammar School. In 1880 Edward decided to join his brother at Mornington Grammar and the school was taken over by H B de la Poer Wall until the end of 1885. Gordon Robinson took over as principal the following year. Then in November of 1886 Lansmere was put up for sale by the landlord. Miss Hatchell Brown purchased the freehold and established The Priory Girls School in February 1887.